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Monthly Board Meetings

Tune in to the Monthly OEF Board Meetings to learn what's going on behind the scenes and how you can contribute to the trails you love. 


Monthly Board meetings are held on the First Thursday of the month at 7pm central time.  Locations and times will be posted on the OEF Instagram/Facebook and Web page.  Meetings are in person or via Zoom.​


2023 Board Meeting Dates:

  • September 7th, 7pm SCIP

Trail Work Days

Upcoming trail work days will be posted here and on Facebook and Slack. Come out to the next work day and earn your turns. No dig, no ride!

  • September 9th, 8:30AM - Bluff Creek

Membership Events

Other events like membership meet-n-rides and ride-n-learn clinics will be posted here and on Facebook and Slack

Check the OEF Facebook page for more info!

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