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Bluff Creek

Bluff Creek features ~10 miles of natural surface mountain biking trails managed and maintained by Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship (OEF).  The trail system features tight single track, drop-ins, roots, some rocks, creek crossings, with many obstacles throughout the trail system.


Approved Trail Use:

The natural surface trails are constructed and maintained by OEF, the regional mountain bike club in Central Oklahoma.  OEF welcomes mountain, BMX and Gravel bikes as well as hikers and trail runners.  Motorized vehicles of any kind are forbidden on the trail system per city regulations.

Trail Etiquette:   

Cyclists:  Be aware of other trail users and call out "rider back" well in advance of approaching other trail users.  Allow them time to step to the side before you pass.

Trail Runners/Hikers:  Please listen for approaching cyclists and yield right of way by stepping to the side when safe to do so.

Conflicts:  OEF has petitioned the city to keep these trails open for everyone.  The number one conflict reported on the trail system pertains to users with headphones.  We all love some good music or our favorite pod cast but with a mix of riders, runners and hikers its imperative that you can hear the other trail users when the approach.

Trail Rating:  Beginner to Intermediate

Rider Reported Trail Conditions
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